Friday, March 11, 2005

I just realized something today. It'll probably sound cocky and cheesy but I think if i had a mic in my and any kinda music playing and i sang with it, i'll probably be the happiest person in the world. This morning was pretty much pissed off and disappointed with what life was handing out to me, but the minute i turned on "iris" (most amazing song ever) i swear i didnt care if life gave me shit as long as i could keep singing to the music. Whether its screaming to linkin park or the actually singing to nickelback lyrics i dont mind. i just feel good singing. ya finally i found a way to relax the disappointments and stuff. I was getting kinda sick of it.
I'd give up forever to touch you& I know that you feel me somehowu'r the closest to heaven that i'll ever be& I dont want to go home right now& all i could taste is this moment& all i could read is ur mindsooner or later its over i just dont want to miss u toniteand i dont wnt the world to see mecause i dont think that they'd understandwell everythings made to be brokeni just want u to know who i am........
these words r beyond amazing
signing off...anya

Thursday, March 10, 2005

First blog

I just finished with my 2nd mock exams and the actual o levels are exactly 2 months away. Thats pretty freaky. Hopefully i'll ace those exams. so this goes out to all who r reading this: wish me loads of luck...